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Stellar Serendipities In The Royal Scotsman

Belmond Royal Scotsman breathing in the remarkable beauty of nature

Belmond Royal Scotsman breathing in the remarkable beauty of nature

Scotland’s luxury sleeper train invites one to journey under the stars

An adventure of a lifetime, an adventure in the highland: Belmond Royal Scotsman introduces bespoke excursions that sweep one off their seats and into the starlit landscapes of Scotland. Traversing in pleasurable comfort has always been the train’s mantra, but this new itinerary brings out a magical side of travelling never been seen before: Scotland under the dark, glittery sky.

In this new adventure, one is lured to stroll by the Cairngorms, hike by the steep gorges of Aviemore or float on a canoe along the glassy surface of Loch Ness, breathing in the remarkable beauty of nature reflected in the shadowy shades of blue and indigo.

Belmond Royal Scotsman – Traversing in pleasurable comfort has always been the train’s mantra

Belmond Royal Scotsman Low berth beds

Belmond Royal Scotsman

Personalised experiences lead to a better appreciation of Scotland‘s varied landscape, connecting mere train journeys into tactile moments. At daytime, indulge in The Scotman’s private cabins. Each lavish ensuites are dressed in mahogany furniture, tweed, and highland wool, an evident nod to its Scottish heritage. Low berth beds, full-length wardrobes, and private spaces shine with pure Edwardian flavour, with large glass windows that display the gliding vistas. Fall at ease and sleep whatever time of the day, but, as the skies hit the dark, a stellar adventure comes anew.

Stargaze in private at the Cairngorms National Park -with a cluster of Dark Sky Discover sites, there are many spots to discover a passing comet and utter a wish. Belmond further indulges with the assistance of a certified astrologer and a sumptuous late-night picnic served under the brilliant constellations. For the adventurous, a plethora of adrenaline-stirring challenges awaits, including white water rafting, paragliding at Fort William, or a thrilling pursuit of clay pigeons and falconry at the Rothiemurchus Estate. For the romantics, or the superstitious, spot the legendary Lock Ness monster on a whimsical boat cruise, or enjoy a serene fishing trip by Pitlochry’s Atholl Estate.

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