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Founders Maeve and Emilia

Tailor-made wellness retreats that have only one thing in mind – YOU!

There’s a continuous build-up of buzz around wellness retreats over the past few years: after all, most head out on vacation with the primary aim of escaping from the frenzy…

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Aerial view of Mukul, the luxury family-friendly resort on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast

Unforgettable adventures from coast to countryside in off-the-grid destinations

Whether you dream of a deserted tropical paradise, a city getaway like no other or the ultimate adventure in a world where the wildlife is fearless, these magical, off-the-grid destinations…

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Nicaragua Mukul Resort

Unforgettable adventures from coast to countryside in off the grid destinations

Summer is fast approaching and thoughts are turning to family holiday plans. We have put together a list of the hottest destinations that offer unforgettable experiences and a lifetime of…

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Adare Manor Entrance (Jack Hardy)

Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort: Ireland’s crown jewel

Stepping inside the resplendent Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort is like jumping into the pages of a medieval storybook. Adare Manor straight off a postcard Adare Manor Gallery (Jack…

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Titanic Belfast interior

Revisiting Titanic’s shadow in Belfast

Just before midnight on April 14, 1912, RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic with 2,224 souls and crew aboard. Luxury Art Deco Relives Just before midnight…

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