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Latitude’s interiors are created by artists in the local community with an emphasis on recycling and up- cycling

Zambia’s Latitude 15˚

Once a Colonial lodge, Latitude 15˚ is now Lusaka’s stylish boutique hotel. Think design aficionado heaven. Here it’s all bespoke, exclusive, repurposed, recycled, boutique, breath-taking and jaw-dropping. Stylish, artistic and…

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New York Café Budapest

Is this one of the most gorgeous old “New York” cafés?

The famous city's splendour reigns supreme in this swanky Budapest-based café Old Europe’s American habits The famous city's splendour reigns supreme in this swanky Budapest-based café Surely there's no going…

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The Vaults, V20 Class Image (Credit Tom Shannon)

Big, bold & bright: Festivities at The Vaults in London

The lights open as the sky dims slowly. A crowd amasses in a railway arch snaking beneath Waterloo on a January, all wrapped in their winter clothes but carrying grins…

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Statues in Bardini Gardens in Florence, By Marina J

Ferragamo shifting the lens on Tuscany

The luxury travel brand was dedicated to do one thing: to showcase the region where the Ferragamos flourished, whose success spanned more than a century. Ferragamo founded initiative brings the…

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Supreme Court Terrace - Image Credit to National Gallery Singapore

Picture Perfect in Art Hub Singapore

On the banks of the Singapore River, as it winds its way out to Marina Bay, a pair of bronze statues unveiled in 2002 hints at the dynamics that shaped…

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City Palace and Pichola lake in Udaipur, by photoff

Here’s why Rajasthan needs to be on your radar this winter

Quick guide to exploring the mighty Rajasthan World Travel Partnership Quick guide to exploring the mighty Rajasthan Map out the opulence of the Maharajahs in a spectacularly royal escape Sprawling…

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Student painting inside the UCCA in the 798 Art District zone aera in Beijing, by OSTILL is Franck Camhi

Visual virtuosos in Beijing

On its own, 789 Art District is a rally, not against the government, but for the progression of artistic brilliance as conveyed through its many art forms. Art uproots the…

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The ancient Bulguksa temple shines in the forests of Gyeongju, By Isarint Sangmanee

Splendid weekend getaways in South Korea

A cultural concoction, murmuring metropolis, or the polished face of Korea’s modernity; Seoul can be described exclusively in superlatives. 7 exciting weekend destinations in South Korea Discover four exciting urban,…

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An oasis in the heart of Siem Reap - The Raffles Hotel Grand d’Angkor’s iconic swimming pool

Grand designs at Raffles Hotels

The Raffles Hotel Grand d’Angkor, in Cambodia’s cultural capital Siem Reap, reopens on the heels of an intensive six-month restoration. World Travel Partnership Raffles Hotel Grand d’Angkor & Raffles Hotel…

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Penang's heritage

Eclectic electric blue in Penang

Nanyang industrialist Cheong FattTze began his life humbly as a water carrier—the gracious inspiration behind Penang’s The Blue Mansion. Penang’s George Town is where one finds Malaysia’s Art Nouveau Cheong…

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