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When I think of Porto, I think of Port (mainly because it’s in the name) so the obvious thing to do while in Porto is to go Port tasting.


When I think of Porto, I think of Port (mainly because it’s in the name) so the obvious thing to do while in Porto is to go Port tasting. I went to Taylors Fladgate commonly known as Taylors, established in 1692, and is still a family owned business with 3 vineyards, a winery, cellars and 22 growing partners across Portugal. The Cellars I went to was in the Gaia area of Porto, up on the hill looking over the river to the rest of Porto. Usually you get a tour of the cellars before the tasting but as our guide informed us that day they were going to get us drunk first! It was a gorgeous day, perfect for sipping port out in the gardens. Port tasting photo IMG_0695_zps1f607fdd.jpg I had never tried Port before, I assumed I wouldn’t like it but I was pleasantly surprised, it still wouldn’t be my first choice of drink but I wouldn{jcomments on}’t refuse it if it was offered. We were given 3 tastings, a chip dry (extra dry white), Late bottled Vintage (LBV) and a Tawny 10 year old. I was told all the differences, it depends on the type of barrel used to store the port and for how long it is stored in the barrels before it is bottled. If you really want to know the ins and out, the differences I suggest going on the tour yourself. Taylor's cellars photo IMG_0703_zpsc9eeabeb.jpg The tours and tasting is only €3 and children under 18 get free admission. If you have a big group you will need to book in advance. There are plenty of cellars to choose from in the Gaia area which is the opposite side of the river from the main city centre.

Speaking of the River, if you have time why not go on a River Cruise? cruise boat photo DSCF4349_zps6258a4f1.jpg for roughly €10 you can get a river cruise that lasts about an hour and a half, out boat was suppose to have commentary but sitting at the front I didn’t hear a thing. There were some good views and a good way to spend a couple of hours. If you don’t have the time don’t worry you aren’t missing too much.

Definitely go and climb Clérigos Church Tower, it is only €2 and definitely worth it if you don’t mind stairs.  photo 33277b3e-1d1a-4af5-a4c0-f596ee47a6ce_zps0fa1aefd.jpg” alt=”” /> It just kept on going up and up, at point you think you’ve made it only to turn around and see it still goes up another 25 or so steps. Warning the steps were not made for two people to pass each other so can quite tricky when you have to, but the views are amazing.

Another place with amazing views across the river is the Porto Cathedral, just near the main train station which is worth a look as well, the main entrance hall is covered in tiles that form amazing pictures and illustrate a little of the history of Portugal. view from tower photo DSCF4338_zpsf7b628ba.jpg

Maria Pia Bridge also known as Ponte Dona Maria or as I call the Eiffel bridge because Gustave Eiffel built it in 1877 before he built the Eiffel Tower. Maria Pia Bridge photo DSCF4345_zps414f125a.jpg Definitely walk across the top, there are some Incredible views across all of Porto, and if you love sunsets as much as I do definitely go at sunset, it is absolutely beautiful!  photo IMG_0749_zpsb5041c67.jpg view from bridge photo IMG_0746_zps25710fea.jpg It is free, for €8 (adult return) you can go on a cable car, which starts on the north end of the bridge, the journey is only 5 minutes and it runs over the Gaia area (with all the Port wine cellars), I personally didn’t go on it and don’t think it would be particularly worth it but then I didn’t go on it so I couldn’t be sure.

So that is a little taste and a few of my recommendations for things to do if you ever find yourself in Porto. There is also a beach nearby, a food market, museums, churches if you have the time, unfortunately I didn’t but hopefully one day I will go back to Porto and get to explore even more.

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