The 100 List 2014

Unique Location
Unique Location

We present to you our Top 100 editorial choices of best properties to stay in based on different categories,experiences, facilities, service excellence & decor. We cover unique locations, heritage hotels, wildlife lodges, destination spas, city hotels, mountain retreats, beach resorts, private islands, North & South America, Europe, Australasia & Asia, Middle East & Africa. The experiences and categories are many but all within the common banner of luxury, dreamy, elegant and excellent.

Far from the chaos of cities, these resorts lie in the tranquility of the countryside or on the coastlines of shimmering shores, with captivating backdrops of mountains and waters that are Eden-like. These resorts provide guests with unique ways to experience the beauty of the land with hiking trails and cliff diving into sapphire waters. Complementing the landscapes of these resorts, the exteriors of their buildings often times blend in with the land, offering a quiet luxury to the country experience. These unique locations offer a serene time away from the normal, offering guests charming rooms and experiences that emphasize the magnificence of the panoramas.

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