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With its moody weather, eclectic population, incredible architecture and one-a-kind street art, San Francisco is a city after my own heart.

Bainbridge Island

With every mode of transportation, there is a different association. If you hike through the mountains, your experience is raw, organic and severe. On the other hand, if you take a train, your experience is less in your control as there is only one set of tracks. Imagine taking a car: you are obviously seeing more mileage than the hiker and you are equally in control of your route, unlike the train rider. For this week’s travel experience, I chose a ferry.

Since Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides, there is definitely a boat culture. Those who prefer a quieter, more removed life than the bustling city experience may choose to live on a neighboring island and enjoy a ferry ride as a commute.

I went with a few close friends on a ferry to visit one of the nearby islands- Bainbridge Island. Known for it’s quaintness, quietness and beautiful view of the city, Bainbridge lacks the city craze but maintains the northwest vibe. A waterfront restaurant was our source for local brews and fries.

However, one thing my whole group noticed was that although Seattle was a brief 20 minute ride away, we felt as if we had traveled states away to a very different environment. This is what I realized was the magic of water transportation; once you are on the water, there’s an uncertainty. You are literally no longer on solid ground, and this is where the thrill lies.

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