The Dramatically Stunning Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle is the most spectacular of all ruined coastal fortresses, perched on a gigantic rocky outcrop almost detached from the mainland. It is the main highlight of this coastal circuit which extends southwards from the harbour at Stonehaven.  Standing upon a striking headland, surrounded by almost sheer cliffs on three sides, Dunnottar is not only one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Britain, but the site of some of the most fascinating and dramatic events in British history. Over the turbulent centuries it has been burned, rebuilt, and burned again. It has been besieged, visited by saints and queens, and been the setting for dramatic escapes. It has been a religious community, a fortress, a terrible prison, and the scene of one of the most famous episodes in the story of Scotland. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Black Hill war memorial. It looks like it’s in disrepair, with rubble strewn around its base, but was designed to be symbolic of incomplete lives. The architect was John Ellis of Stonehaven and it was completed in 1923, initially to commemorate those who died in the first world war. Commemorations were later added to those who fell in the second world war.

With the spectacular scenery around the Castle, it will provide you with an unforgettable experience, and during sunrise or sunset it can be simply magical.

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