The Humble Haven Inspired by Books!

by | Aug 25, 2015

The Library, a one of its kind resort set in the heart of Chaweng Beach, in Koh Samui, effortlessly blends comfort, quality and the timeless philosophy of respecting nature.

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The Library, a one of its kind resort set in the heart of Chaweng Beach, in Koh Samui, effortlessly blends comfort, quality and the timeless philosophy of respecting nature. The Library, started in 2007, was the brainchild of Kasemtham Sornsong and designer Tiranwan Songsawat who drew inspiration from her childhood imagination. Noticing the ominpresence of books during her travels, Songsawat came up with the idea of using books as the resort’s creative foundation.

As the name suggests, The Library is built based on the simple theme of books. The hotel itself reads like a book. Guests arrive at a pavilion like area called the “Content” while rooms are referred to as “Pages”. Fibreglass statues of figures engrossed in books can also be seen at various parts of the resort. Diners can dine in style at beachfront restaurant, The Page.

The Library exudes modern simplicity and promises guests what they cannot get at home; a space to think and imagine. The black, white and red interiors of the resort are further enhanced by delicate touches such as Thai artefacts and colourful paintings done by Sornsong and Songsawat.

The Library has successfully struck a balance with its natural environment. The use of recycled materials in the resort emphasizes the resort’s respect for nature and reflects its intricate relationship with its environment. The liberal use of floor to ceiling glass in the main areas of the resort fills it with natural light and thus puts guests in close proximity to the surrounding natural landscape. The Library has successfully blended nature and man together through physical and visual connections.

Owner, Sornsong launched The Library when he was 26. Assuming the identity of a guest instead of a hotelier, Sornsong drew his inspiration from what he loves most in life when designing The Library and his home which is opposite the resort. Both are designed in an identical aesthetic with minimum interiors. In keeping with the bookish concept of the resort, Sornsong plans his day like that of a student in school. His day is divided into three classes, namely business management, creative planning and a time to rest and recharge.

Despite his well-organized lifestyle, Sornsong presents a peaceful and laid-back personality typical of most Samuis. The devoted Buddhist frequently makes short stays at the nearby Hin Lad Temple to consult the monks for guidance and direction.

Though it has been seven years since The Library opened its doors to welcome its first guests, its unique and simple design and concept remain one of a kind in the hotel arena. For owner, Sornsong, The Library remains his proudest achievement. Hoping to retire in style by age 45, Sornsong’s wish is to see his baby stand the test of time and set people talking about it even after many years to come.

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