The Lana: Dorchester Collection’s Pinnacle of Luxury in Dubai

by | Feb 26, 2024

Stay at The Lana, Dubai's newest Dorchester Collection gem, where unparalleled luxury meets iconic dining and the first UAE Dior Spa—reserve your slice of elegance before it's fully booked.

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Dubai’s skyline is no stranger to architectural marvels, and the latest addition, The Lana, Dorchester Collection’s inaugural venture into the Middle East, reinforces the city’s standing as a sanctuary for those who chase the epitome of luxury living. Situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai, with a prime waterfront location at Marasi Bay Marina, The Lana is a statement of elegance, charm, and unparalleled hospitality.

The Lana emerges as a testament to the city’s magnetic allure, drawing the most prestigious brands to its shores, and Dorchester’s newest beacon of luxury is a dazzling example. With interiors masterminded by Gilles & Boissier, the hotel is a gallery in itself, displaying a curated collection of over 50 art pieces that mirror Dubai’s vibrant cultural and natural landscapes, all while adhering to a philosophy of modern minimalism.

Spanning 30 stories, the building boasts an infinity rooftop pool that offers unmatched vistas of the bustling cityscape below, embodying the quintessence of elevated living. 225 rooms and suites each feature outdoor terraces and sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows within its walls, flooding the spaces with natural light. The Lana’s signature suites, including the exquisite Marina Royal Suite and The Lana Royal Suite, offer guests luxurious duplex layouts and panoramic views that are second to none, particularly of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The Lanas lobby view to terrace

The Lanas lobby view to terrace

Culinary exploration at The Lana is a journey curated by stars, with eight new dining concepts, half of which are born from collaborations with world-renowned chefs like Jean Imbert, Martín Berasategui, and Angelo Musa. Whether it’s savouring Basque delicacies at Jara or indulging in the Parisian charm of Bonbon Café, The Lana promises an unparalleled dining experience, enriched further by the hotel’s exclusive concepts led by Executive Chef Oliver Jackson.

Christopher Cowdray, president of Dorchester Collection, noted, “The Lana is one of the year’s most anticipated hotel openings, and we are certain it will be celebrated for its remarkable design, superb location in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and a dining scene that will undoubtedly attract much local and international attention.” With designs by Foster + Partners and the UAE’s first Dior Spa slated to open in April 2024, this architectural masterpiece is designed to dazzle and provide a sanctuary that transcends the conventional luxury experience. ◼

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