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Imagine the sticky snakes crawling in your entire body, gives you creepy chills right?


Imagine the sticky snakes crawling in your entire body, gives you creepy chills right? Hold on, the snake massage is actually one of the most expensive massages offered by many zoos and spa centres.

The relaxing effect of a massage depends in great part on what type of massage therapist is handling your body parts. It’s always a little hard to relax if the person has cold hands, for example, or if they are actually not a person but several snakes. Which, yes, is a real thing they do in Israel.

Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm in Northern Israel offers a unique (we hope) massage treatment delivered entirely by serpents. Barak says she got the idea when she noticed the snakes hiding around the pots of her already dangerous goddamn plants and realized some visitors actually liked the tingling sensation they caused while being handled, so she began charging about $70 to dump snakes all over their bodies. And we mean the entire body.

The larger snakes concentrate on the belly or back and give more of a kneading effect, while the smaller ones go off and explore other places like, oh, your face.

While the snakes are all nonvenomous, we certainly understand if this freaks you out instead of soothing you — we can think of dozens of other animals that are more qualified to massage people. The elephant, by the way, isn’t one of them.

A traveler in Cebu, Mac Jean from Australia, said: “I’ve been massaged twice and lived to tell the tale. I had to lie on my back on a bamboo daybed in the open air. I was briefed on what to do and what not to do during the massage. It was a very different experience yet relaxing”
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