The Luxury 50 List 2014

Luxury 50
Best New Hotels of the World
Cafe Royal

Cafe Royal is located in the heart of central London, between Mayfair and Soho, perfectly positioned for the best shopping and tourists attractions in London. Dedicated to stay true to its history, the hotel incorporates its ornate Louis XIV décor. The innate elegance has made the Café Royal the best place to enjoy a great glass of champagne and other British cocktails and light dishes. To keep the elegant ambiance throughout, the Café Royal also has the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, a fully equipped gym, spa, yoga and Pilates studio, and an organic bar. To all travelers who love to experience culture and history, visit the special luxury historic suites: the Marquis suite, Club Suite, Tudor Suite, Celestine Suite, Empire suite and Dome Suite. Each of these truly captures the essence of the hotel’s glorious past. The tying theme that flows throughout the hotel is the perfect balance between 21st century style and the hotel’s historic roots from 1860-1920. Immerse yourself in contemporary and historic culture, while experiencing the utmost luxury.

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