The Luxury 50 List 2014

Luxury 50
Best New Hotels of the World
Hub Porteno Buenos Aires

Hub Porteno resets the bar for personalization in the hospitality industry by designing a unique experience for each visitor based on personal taste yet still connecting him or her to the culture of the city. Buenos Aires, referred to as the Paris of Latin America provides an extravagant blend of European elegance and Latin splendor. Hub Porteno allows its guests to explore the birthplace of the most sensual dances, Tango, by taking private sessions or watching exclusive tango shows. Show off your newfound dancing skills in the cobblestone streets of Worldly acclaimed Tango towns like San Telmo and Boca. Hub Porteno also provides a panel of experts in Argentinian classical and modern avant-garde museums to guide tourists through a comprehensive overview of Argentina’s best museums. After a long day of exploring, Hub Porteno provides a beautiful home-style living room where guests can enjoy an afternoon tea. The fitness center incorporates the same European-Latin interior design while giving a sense of space, relaxation, while still fully equipped for everyone’s fitness routine.

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