The Luxury 50 List 2014

Luxury 50
Best New Hotels of the World
Refugia Lodge

Centered in the island of Chiloe, an island in the south of Chile known for its raw wild beauty, lays the luxurious sanctuary of the Refugia Lodge. Architecturally, the design pays homage to the traditional Chilean art of wood craftsmanship, called Chilote. Traditional Chilean design is predominant throughout the Refugia’s interior allowing travelers a warm and comfortable base to explore the rugged richness of their surroundings. Staying true to their promise of providing an authentic Chilean experience, the cuisine incorporates the island’s famous potatoes, locally farmed salmon, fresh shellfish deliciously paired up with fine Chilean wines. Get front row seats to a panoramic view of the Andes from your room window while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. After a long day of exploring, what better way to unwind then by attending the lodge’s spa. The best time to visit the Refugia Lodge is between October and February or during April when the cottonwood trees turn yellow, maximizing one’s experience with nature.

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