The Luxury 50 List 2014

Luxury 50
Best New Hotels of the World
Berkeley River Lodge

Enjoy the Kimberly Coast of Australia has to offer in the Berkeley River Lodge. Immerse yourself in the natural ocean-view scenery in your luxury villas floating on coastal dunes, making for the perfect first visit to Australia. The Berkeley River allows you to engage in and make the most of the natural surroundings. Explore the secluded white sand beaches, the rugged river gorges as well as some of Kimberley’s hidden natural treasures. Your stay at the Berkeley can include a gorgeous swim in clear waters under majestic waterfalls and fishing for the mighty Barra in Kimberley’s recreational fishing locations. Each villa is centered atop 65 meters of costal dunes. The architecture incorporates modern designs as well as the Kimberly coast environment. Guests also have the option of exploring the Australian scenery via helicopter. If you want to personalize this bird-eye view, the resort accommodates a flight to circle around the Mount Casuarina, thundering waterfalls and palm-fringed rock pools.

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