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Nestled in a lush green valley beneath towering red rock rims lies the adventure Gem called Moad, Utah.


Nestled in a lush green valley beneath towering red rock rims lies the adventure Gem called Moad, Utah. You just cannot go wrong when you’re in Moab. Frequently coined the adventure capital of the world, there are lots of things to do and see in Moab, Utah. It  is a “Natural Theme Park,” and features an endless array of adventure and activity options. Where else in the west, or perhaps the world, can one hike in the warmth of the desert sun one day and cross-country ski the next, or raft the wild Colorado River one day and mountain bike on a cool aspen trail the next, without changing cities or even hotels! Days full of exhilarating adventures, and scenic beauty that will permeate your soul, are but a taste of what makes Moab one of the most sought after destinations of the southwest. Unlike many outdoorsy destinations, Moab, Utah, is not known for green wilderness but rather for its bright-red sandstone landscapes. The city adjoins two national parks—Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park—where towering natural rock formations overlook colorful valleys below. Inside the city, restaurants serve regional Southwestern cuisine and locally brewed beers. 

Amidst all the cultural magnificence, you will surprisingly find the soul of a small western town as you talk with the friendly locals, shop the trading posts, stay at one of the river ranch resorts, go horseback riding, translate Indian writings, or have a chuckwagon dinner where you are transported to the old west. 

Moab is the answer to all your need- whether it is an adrenaline rush, soul uplifting or just quintessential tranquility. 


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