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A sun-drenched land of sandy beaches and coral reefs, Okinawa is a paradise to Japan.


A sun-drenched land of sandy beaches and coral reefs, Okinawa is a paradise to Japan.  But for those looking for a break from the heat and the sunshine, a world even more exotic lies just underground.

Gyokusendo cave lies five kilometres from end to end, and boasts a host of spectacular rock formations. This cave was not discovered by humans till 1967. Visitors access the cave via a long flight of stairs, descending into a world that stays at a constant 21°C all year round which surely is a relief from outside heat. A steel walkway stretches 890 metres into the cave, twisting and turning around the many bends with ups and downs, and making its way squeezing through some narrow gaps.

The ceiling of the cave is covered with stalactites, and the floor with large number of stalagmites. An underground river runs below the walkway, passing over sandbars and down waterfalls. The sound of trickling water can be heard everywhere, but otherwise the cave is mainly quiet and peaceful, it gives complete tranquility to the guests. 

As you move further and deeper in, you pass forests of stalagmites and pools of crystal-clear shimmery water. Cave fish can be seen swimming in the river. The lights have been carefully placed to enhance the natural geology, some of them moving, creating multi-colored psychedelic displays. Finally, on the way out is an added bonus– there’s an escalator so you don’t have to walk back up all the stairs you came down.

Gyokusendo cave is place that leaves you with the feeling of a dreamland. If you are tired of the everyday hustles of life, hit this place!


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