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Residence Inn Marriott enhances its devotion to family travel enrichment by shifting gears and focussing on the kids.

Inn Marriott's

Residence Inn Marriott enhances its devotion to family travel enrichment by shifting gears and focussing on the kids. Residence Inn Marriott’s rationale is that although these kids are young, they have a very persuasive opinion when it comes to choosing the next family vacation. Marriott is completely diving in on attaining insights on what they call the travel industry’s future. According to a report on Breaking Travel News, Residence Inn hosted the first-ever Kids Roundtable on Travel on August 3 in order to uncover what children truly want from a hotel, and glean insights on the future of travel.

Take moment and imagine a hotel inspired from children’s wants and needs, but let’s face it mostly wants. Some of the interesting highlights include:

* Customized experiences with a tech twist: For example, walls changing color with a touch, or finger print recognition instead of key cards. Besides these hi-tech suggestions, there were good insightful ways to improve crucial elements of the hotel like beds and pillows. Children suggested mattresses/pillows that can adjust firmness based on personal preference, to mechanisms specifically designed for light sleepers (sound proofing) or heavy sleepers (an alarm-enhanced pillow).

Emotional motivation of family time on the road: Spending quality time with relatives and family seemed to be the highlights of most children’s vacations. Hoteliers should brainstorm ways to authentically ensure that kids are attaining this level quality, without of course, crossing any personal boundaries.

It’s all about how you get there: The action of actually traveling (getting from point A to B) maybe the most unbearable for both parents and children. In the future, children have pretty much abolished jam-packed vans as means for transportation. This of course means hover crafts, flying cars and transportation so hi-tech that it can get you to the moon and back.

The future of the travel industry seems to be in pretty good and exciting shape. What do you envision for the future of the industry?

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