The Well Kept Secret of Ohio

If you are planning for an exciting and adventurous vacation that includes trekking, water sports and other fun activities this holiday season then the Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio in the United States can be the perfect spot for you. This place with pristine beauty and the magical feeling leaves you spellbound, and soothes your senses. Along with the aesthetic property, the place also has historical significance, with some illustrations here indicating the existence of ancient Adena culture that dates back to 7000 years. A deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau of Ohio, the Hocking Hills is filled with an abundance of majestic waterfalls, beautiful fountains, rock shelters, gorges and high cliffs. However, the prime attraction here is the Corkscrew Falls, located at a spot which is just six miles away from Logan. They are located at St Rt 664 and Zwickle, about 6 miles from Logan. Turn off at Zwickle Road on the right there’s a trail past a guardrail that will lead you to this gorge.

These falls are a well-kept local secret; their absence in the official list of Hocking Hills attractions is the reason that the limited tourists who reach here enjoy peace and privacy. The beauty of this place is enhanced by abundance of wildlife. Visitors can  get a good chance to encounter Ohio wildlife such as white tailed deer, wild turkey or even the cumbersome box turtle. The mere sight of the sheer crystal clear waters running on the sandstone and the diverse variety of the flora and fauna that surround the fall leaves you spell-bound. Nothing beats the majestic experience of taking a dip in the cool water or swimming here.

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