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Theme parks as we know them today have gotten pretty generic.


Theme parks as we know them today have gotten pretty generic. The themes we commonly see are superhero theme parks, children’s fantasy book theme parks, famous movie theme park, something along those lines. If you’re looking for something that goes a little outside of the box, look no further. We have compiled a list of 7 of the most bizarre theme park around the world. When coming to think of it, shouldn’t they all be bizarre?

#1. Alien Apex Resort- Roswell, New Mexico: : Roswell, New Mexico is notorious for its common UFO visits, so it’s no surprise that an UFO-Themed park is centered in the middle of the city. If the Alien Apex Resort ever takes off it could potentially present the most involved alien experience. Including a roller coaster simulating an alien abduction!

#2. Dig This – Las Vegas, Nevada: Dig This is a theme park that from a distance, looks simply like a giant sandbox. However, the whole theme park is a heavy equipment sandbox full of obstacle courses and activities designed to challenge your hand-eye coordination.

#3. Sanrio’s Puroland – Tokyo, Japan: For all things Sanrio: The indoor theme park includes a slow-as-molasses boat ride, musical theatrics with singing and laser lights, and a walk-through tour of Hello Kitty’s house, where she apparently lives in sin with her boyfriend, Dear Daniel.

#4. Grutas Park – Lithuania: I bet you would never imagine of seeing the Joseph Stalin and Fun in the same sentence. Well, that’s kind of the point of Lithuania’s biggest tourist attraction locally known as “Stalin’s World”, whose sole purpose is to remind the people of Stalin’s draconic reign.

#5. Seagia Miyazaki, Japan The Japanese are always at the forefront of state of the art technologies. Take for example the Seagaia Ocean Dome, boasted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest indoor water park.

#6. Suoi Tien Cul – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : This beautiful waterpark taps into the theme of Buddhism. Nearly all areas of the park reflect the history and religious teachings that have been a part of the Vietnamese culture for generations. And as a bonus you never have to stray far before finding a statue’s belly to rub for good luck. The park also features Heaven Palace–a facsimile of the afterlife for those who can escape the 12 torments of hell. There’s nothing like being reminded of your eminent death and eternal judgment in-between go-karts and bumper boats.

#7. Dicken’s World: This is an actual replica of Charles Dickens’ 19th century London, where you can experience the improper waste management and disease-ridden beggars first hand. Fun, right? It’s definitely a must-see experience, and quite believable.

Next time your looking for a theme park around your destination, you’ll have a more fun approach!

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