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I have been daydreaming a lot lately.


I have been daydreaming a lot lately. My mind is continuously wandering from one thought to another. I cannot seem to focus on any task at hand. Distractions surround me everywhere I look. Shiny objects all vying for my attention. But the only thought that captivates my mind right now is Playa and its magnificent sky!

I miss many things about Mexico. The people, food, micheladas, the beach and the weather! Oh the weather!! I miss the laid back, casual attitude among the locals and tourists. Everyone is so relaxed and friendly. But one of the things that I miss the most is the sky! I have never seen a more beautiful sky than the sky in Playa del Carmen!

 photo Photo2_zps4edfed32.jpg

It is a deep crystal blue like I have never experienced before. Depending on the time of day, the blue changes from cornflower to azure to indigo. In the evening, the sky is a perfect black with millions of stars splashed across the night sky! You can always make out constellations with your naked eye. Something I am unable to do in a city as large and lit up as Chicago. When the moon is full, it brightens up the entire night sky with its brilliance! Moon beams shimmer over the Caribbean and cast romantic glows on all who gaze upward. The moon is resplendent and luminescent in Playa’s sky!

 photo Photo3-Moonoverplaya_zps70abf8c4.jpg

And the clouds! Everywhere! Huge, puffy, nebulous! So close that sometimes I would try to reach out and touch them. But of course, I never could. The clouds are ever present because of the rain. The tropical storm season in Playa del Carmen lasts from May to December. But the rainy season lasts through January. It is this constant flux of rain and sun that brings the clouds rolling in and then rolling out again toward Cozumel. You can get lost for long periods of time watching the clouds roll through the area. The winds blow them through so quickly that you can actually see them moving across the sky as if they have somewhere else to be.

 photo Photo3_zps52b5e70c.jpg

You can also stare at the clouds long enough that you see faces and animals and shapes of all kinds. I would spend extra time staring at the sky every day. Daydreaming on the drive to work and back home, I would sit in the car with my head half hanging out the window as I tried to visually breathe in the entire Caribbean sky to my memory! Luckily I wasn’t driving!! But my colleagues did think my profound silences while staring at the sky were slightly anti-social.

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The sunrises are a splendor to see as well. Staring at Cozumel from the shores of Playa, the sun peeks out over the island. It quietly ascends upward casting soft ethereal light onto the water and the clouds. The sun shines down upon us as it finally reaches its apex. It warms us and greets us. In fact, it is common practice to greet the sun after a night of revelry but especially on New Year’s Eve! Hundreds of residents and tourists alike greet the sun on the first day of the year after the previous evening’s festivities!

 photo Photo5sunrise_zps68af6197.jpg

The sky in Chicago is nice – it has crisp blues. But not blues that shimmer like jewels and are as rich. Chicago has clouds and sometimes you can see shapes in them. But they seem so far away. I would never think of trying to touch them. Nor are they as fluffy. They seem cold and stiff. I cannot see the stars and most times the full moon hides behind the clouds. I remind myself that I will return one day to Playa. And I will either lay myself on the beach or hang my head out a window and once again stare into paradise and daydream.

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