Here Are Tips To Cook And Eat Like A Top Chef

by | May 26, 2020

Thanks to Instagram, quarantine could taste like Michelin-starred meals—if one cooks it right.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When stuck at home with nothing to do, we fall in the trap of our greatest temptation – eat. But dining out during the pandemic may sound like a heresy—even the best restaurants in Singapore are observing takeaways only. It’s ordinary, then, to rummage the pantry and scour the fridge. And when hunger calls for it, an experiment in the kitchen.

Whether you missed Le Petit Chef Singapore’s latest jaunt or are still hung over Chef Wan’s meals, there are ways to get Michelin-starred plates right inside your home. And luckily, without the need of the chef in person—just their Instagram feed. Roll up your sleeves and dive into a world of world-class cooking with these global stars letting you in on some of their best-kept secrets.

José Andrés

Spanish-American chef and founder of the non-profit World Central Kitchen, José Andrés has been feeding the hungry, whether it is in his Michelin-starred restaurants or in the impoverished cities in Central America. His humanitarian work doesn’t take a back seat even in the middle of the quarantine. Instead, his vibrant energy stirs large kitchens to produce food for the underprivileged. For those who can cook, he lets them do it themselves—Andrés goes to Instagram to constantly motivate his more than 500k followers to cook quick, home cooked food under the tag #RecipesForThePeople.


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(crumbs) with chorizo and grapes. It’s time to use any old bread you have- don’t throw it away, cook with it! This is what we do in Spain, what my mother, my father taught me to do. We’re singing to my friend @_melendioficial_ , the song Caminando por la vida. And we’re dedicating this to all the restaurant industry, to @indprestaurants, to the Chefs of Spain, Italy, China, the Chefs of the World… all of them. And of course to my people of @WCKitchen! Start by breaking up the bread into pieces with the help of a knife or your hands … then you sprinkle a little water, not too much! Just so they are slightly wet, not a dough. Heat up olive oil in the pan, and start cooking the garlic and the chorizo (or leftover meat, bacon, anything you want!). When it’s cooked, remove the garlic and chorizo and set them aside, then add the bread to the leftover oil (and add more oil if you want!) Keep cooking and stirring the migas so they don’t burn … it takes a long time for them to lose their moisture and get a little crunchy. In another pan, fry some eggs (do it better than Carlota please 😂😈). Add the pimentón to the migas, then add back the cooked chorizo and the grapes at the very end, and serve the migas alongside a fried egg and it is like you are a true Spaniard!!

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Gordon Ramsay

England-hailed MasterChef host Gordon Ramsayis known for his multi-Michelin restaurants—he currently has 16 stars; no small feat—and a handful of wild, cooking-related internet memes. But this celebrity chef is more than his sharp kitchen sense and even more barbed wit. During this quarantine season, Ramsay has been sharing amazing meals that can be done under 10 minutes. Take for instance this quick steak and potatoes done live on his Instagram, which could be a nice dinner for one or more, while binge-watching on Netflix.

Eric Ripert

Histhree-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin might have been affected by the pandemic—just like every other swanky fine dining restaurant in New York—but chef Eric Ripert doesn’t let this dampen his spirits. He, instead, uses this moment to share hints about his favourite home cooked meals, using Instagram to reveal the secrets to his best breakfasts and desserts. Follow his tips for a good ole French Toast—a classic breakfast meal to save the day.

Dominique Ansel

For those hungry for the soft, lingering sensation of a pastry, you’re in luck. The inventor of the cronut—an in-between product of a croissant and donut—isn’t keeping a lid on his techniques. The French-helmed pastry chef is dishing out all the basics in baking through his incredibly mouth-watering Instagram feed. With those gloriously glazed desserts an inspiration to keep in mind, everyone can be motivated to try their hand on baking. Get his recipe for Pâte à Choux here:


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Happy Sunday! Our Pâte à Choux from #EveryoneCanBake can be used for cream puffs, profiteroles, éclairs, Paris-Brest, & more. Here, I fill mine w/ pastry cream (the recipe is a few posts back). Here’s what you’ll need: INGREDIENTS 75g (1⁄3 cup) water 70g (1/4 cup) + 1 tsp whole milk 75g (5 1/2 tbsp) unsalted butter 3g (1 tsp) sugar 2g (1 tsp) salt 100g (2/3 cup) AP flour 150-200g (3-4 large) eggs 20g (1 large) egg yolk / EQUIPMENT Stand mixer w/ paddle Piping bag w/ large round plain tip (at least 1/3 in/1 cm opening) / 1. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Line sheet pan w/ parchment. / 2. Combine water, milk, butter, sugar, & salt in a pot. Bring to boil over medium hear, stirring occasionally. Add flour, stir vigorously w/ spatula until dough comes together, 1-2 min. Cook, stirring, until a film starts to form at the bottom of the pan, 1-2 min. Keep going until film completely covers bottom of the pot, 4-5 min. Remove from heat. / 3. Transfer dough to stand mixer bowl w/ paddle (or a large mixing bowl). Mix on low, 4-5 min. The # of eggs needed varies, depending on the dough consistency.* Paddle dough on low to let off heat & steam. Add eggs 1 at a time (3-4 eggs), fully incorporating each before adding the next. The outside of the bowl should still be warm. * To check, stick a spatula into the dough & lift it high. The dough should fall slowly in ribbons. It’ll be thick but fluid enough to pipe. / 4. Transfer dough to piping bag fitted w/ a large plain tip, filled 1/3 full. Pipe into desired shape. › Cream puffs/profiteroles: Pipe 1 1/2 in (4 cm) rounds, 1 in (3.5 cm) apart, smooth points w/ fingertips › Éclairs: Pipe 5-in (13 cm) long éclairs, 1 in (2.5 cm) apart › Rings/Paris-Brest: Place an 8 in (20 cm) cake ring/pan on the parchment, trace a circle w/ a marker. Flip parchment ink-side down. Pipe a ring using the circle as a guide. Pipe another inside the 1st (so they’re touching). Pipe a 3rd ring on top. / 5. Beat remaining 50g (1) egg & yolk in a bowl. Brush egg wash over choux. / 6. Bake until golden, light to the touch, & hollow in center, rotating pan 180° halfway through. 20-25 min (25-30 for rings). Let cool. Remove from parchment, fill as desired.

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Jamie Oliver

Lifestyle chef Jamie Oliver has been cooking for television for years, jetsetting across the globe to learn about various cultures and cuisines; and stirring watchers to try his five ingredient meals. The latter can convince anyone they could cook like a true chef, and it’s no surprise. With many books sold and restaurants opened, Oliver’s taste has always been inspired by the everyday table. Perhaps that might be the inspiration behind his Instagram series, Keep Cooking and Carry On, which stars many of his classic meals that are quick to prep and satisfying to eat. Here’s a video for his delectable veggie curry:

Andy Yangeksakul

Owner and chef of the Michelin-lauded RhongTham, Andy Yangeksakul—or Yang, for short—is a Thai culinary icon who gloriously shares his love for Asian flavours and organic ingredients. With his New York bistro, he managed to push Thai street food even higher on the culinary map. It is only right that Michelin gives a peek of Yang’s most famous dish, the Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, as shared on the organization’s Instagram gallery. Hints: there are more chef recipe guides in the feed.

Anahita Dhondy

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in London, the Asian chef headed home to India and improved her art at Taj properties. Trained in French pastries, Anahita Dhondy is known for her desserts—but spices kick in her savoury food where she boldly executes her leanings toward Parsi gastronomy. Her ChanneKe Kebab is a good place to start; get the recipe here:


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So this recipe is a Bhandari Family favourite, I think I’ve had it at all @arush_bhandari birthday parties, etc and they are my absolute favourite vegetarian snack. I obviously still don’t make it as well as @anjulbhandari but this is her recipe plus some of my own additions (but definitely not as good as hers!) Since I was craving them I called her and asked her for the recipe otherwise would just ask her to send me an entire batch (and I’d freeze it) but because of the lockdown I’ve made them at home twice. They are delicious and full of plant based protein! I’ve also seen an amazing recipe on @amritaoflife page where she grinds all the ingredients together and the spices are a little different but still the constitution remains the same – Punjabi household fave! Ingredients: 1katori black channa (black chickpeas) soaked overnight, pressure cooked in the morning 4-5 whistles till cooked. Cooled and the stock is kept seperately to either cook rice in or make a soup as it’s extremely healthy and #zerowaste 3tsp curd (dahi, or as much required to grind it into a smooth paste) 1onion (fine chopped) 3-4 green chillies (fine chopped) 1 small piece of ginger (fine chopped 1/2tsp ginger garlic paste *Fine chopped coriander to taste (I didn’t have any) Dry spices: 1/2tsp garam masala 1/2tsp red chilli powder 1/2tsp jeera powder 1/4tsp coriander powder 1/2tsp amchoor powder 1/4tsp chaat masala Salt to taste Ghee for cooking Serve with mint chutney, pyaaz and lemon Method: 1. Grind the channa with the dahi 2. Add all the fine chopped ingredients and mix well. 3. Add the dry spices and mix well. 4. Heat a pan, add ghee and make the kebabs. 5. Serve hot with garnishes P.S. see the video for all the little tips, tricks and techniques 👩‍🍳 Hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as I love making it. It’s easy, delicious, healthy and nutritious. Stay home, stay safe! #TogetherAtHome we’ll keep cooking something new everyday ❤️ #quarantinecooking #chefanahita #chefathome #channekekebab #indianrecipe #indianfoodisthebest #blackchanna #kebabs #vegetarian #delicious #gilouti #yum

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Ili Sulaiman

Born in Malaysia from multi-cultural parents, Sulaiman is exposed to a colourful spectrum of traditions, as well as taste. Her background is reflected in her dishes—a grand array of tropical fruit, sweet vegetables, and local spices that carries the shimmer of Malaysian cuisine. Also a TV personality, she has starred in various cooking shows, including her own Feast With Ili, and has sold a widely-beloved cookbook, For the Love of Food.


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MCO has been extended tapi sokay guys, as a reward, Ili nak share recipe yang sangat senang and sedap. Its about time you treat yourself sikit. Resipi ni mengunakan 2 jenis makanan yang favourite Ili – Custard and Beras Pulut (Ili Guna Brand Era Nagasari sebab dia berlemak extra). Kalau dah try tu, pls tag me and @erafoodsmy ok 👌 ❤️ #MasakBersamaDapurEra For The Pulut Rice Layer: ✅1 Cawan Beras ERA Nagasari Pulut Dibasuh dan Direndam untuk 30 Minit (1 Cup of Beras ERA Nagasari Pulut, Washed and Soaked in Water for 30 minutes) ✅200ml Santan Kotak Pekat (200ml of Thick Coconut Milk) ✅170ml Air (170ml of Water) ✅1 Sudu Kecil Garam (1 Teaspoon of Salt) ✅1 Sudu Besar Gula (1 Tablespoon of Sugar) For The Custard Layer: ✅1 Tin Krimer Sejat (1 Tin of Evaporated Milk) ✅1 Cawan Air (1 Cup of Water) ✅1 Sudu Kecil Serbuk Agar Agar (1 Teaspoon of Agar Agar Powder) ✅1/2 Cawan Serbuk Kastard (1/2 Cup of Custard Powder) ✅1/4 Cawan Gula, Lebih kalau nak lagi manis (1/4 Cup of Sugar, More if you want it sweeter) ✅1 Sudu Besar Serbuk Koko (1 Tablespoon of Cocoa . . . #Covid19 #Stayhome #quarantine #quarantinelife #instagood #new #potd #foodie #foodporn #instadaily #instafood #ramadan #food #instagood #picoftheday #yummy #tasty #foodblogger

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Gaggan Anand

Kolkata-born Anand is not the typical chef–his palette is stirred by the ferocious tang of a foodgasm, as if eating is a form of romance, and dining, a form of pleasure. There’s no lukewarmth to his plates, evident in the progressive Indian dining Gaggan that showcased his cultural sensibilities. The last quarter of 2019 opened new doors for this highly-lauded chefthanks to a freshly-opened restaurant; but the recent hiatus caused by the lockdown is not dampening his spirits. His IG shares the same ferocity he has for food; with straight-up chef recipe posts, he invites followers to get addicted to the joy of cooking.


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Ingredients Garlic 🧄 3 cloves roughly chopped Tomato 🍅 ½ diced into cubes
jalapeño 🌶 1 sliced Cumin seed 1 teas spoon Oil for cooking 1 table spoon Paneer 250 grams / vegans can alternatively use semi hard tofu cut into 1 inch cubes Fresh baby spinach 🍃 150 grams Butter 🧈 20 grams Indian Black salt 🧂 to taste Method Heat oil to that add in the cumin and when they start to temper add in the garlic tomatoes and jalapeño and sauté Cook and cover and keep stirring gently over medium heat add in come water to keep it moist and not stick to the bottom When all the vegetable become a cooked salsa texture, season and add in the paneer and cook under the lid for 5 minutes After the paneer is soft and then add butter and drop in the spinach and cover again Let the spinach just get cooked adjust the final seasoning. And its ready to eat Its complete not the traditional palak panner where we loose the goodness of all the green spinach by over cooking it to brown this is health I recommend no bread no card but eat it as it is Ms Maria likes to eat with her whole wheat tortillas Those who can’t cook come to eat it at Ms Maria and Mr Singh house of Love Dining Hours: Lunch (11:30 – 14:00) and Dinner (17:00 – 20:30) Delivery Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 (Last Order) ••• TO RESERVE NOW, GIVE US A SHOUT! WE BEEN WAITING YOU 😘 Call Us ☎️ 091 698 6688, 062 424 1000 Line Us 📲 @mariaandsingh Or Find Us on FoodPanda 🐼 FOR delivery 🛵🛍 #gaggananand #hugmeismelllikecurry #msmariaandmrsingh #palakpaneer #chefsathome #ucancookthis

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Le Du’s owner, fondly called Chef Ton,found his way into the world of fine diningfrom anunlikely route; he graduated fromChulalongkorn University with a degree in economics. He is now a rising star in the culinary arts,thanks to his genius intertwining of Thai flavours into French techniques that deliriously imparts a savoury memory. Serving once as a Top Chef Thailand judge and currently one of Asia’s Fifty Best Chefs, his meals saunters back to the beauty of homemade and nostalgia. While the Bangkok-based Michelin-starred Le Du may not be accepting walk-ins (they’re up for delivery, though), it’s possible to get a taste of Chef Ton’s work. Through the Michelin Guide, Tassanakajohn benevolently shares the secrets to his Beef PhadKaprao:


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#MICHELINGUIDEATHOME presents homemade recipes, straight from your favorite chefs to your kitchen. Thai Holy Basil Beef (Pad Kra Pow) is one of the most famous stir fried dishes from Southeast Asia. Savory, spicy with the slightest hint of sweet. The best part? It comes together in no time. This recipe in bring to you by Chef Tonn of @ledubkk, a one-star establishment in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020. Measurement equivalents: 120g= 4,23oz 5g= 0.17oz Tip from the chef: If you can’t find bird’s eye chili you can use what you can find in your local Asian market. Although this recipe calls for beef, you can swap it out for just about any kind of protein you like: chicken, tofu etc! Thanks for the recipe @cheftonn! Illustrations by @alice.vdw Share your version with us 👉 Tag @michelinguide and use #MICHELINGUIDEATHOME

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