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Summer is knocking the door and not ready to go anytime soon.

Sun Tan, Dehydration, Sweat, Bug attacks

Summer is knocking the door and not ready to go anytime soon. Sun Tan, Dehydration, Sweat, Bug attacks- are these really keeping you at home? Well, your bag can save you from all of these! We suggest you top 10 must haves in your handbag this summer. So that you can wave a ‘hey’ to the sun and loose yourself to the beach.

1. Sunscreen
This has to hit the first place. A sunscreen, we say, is the MOST important thing during summer vacation. It helps you avoid sunburn, suntan, skin cancer and even ageing.

2. Wet Wipeesd
This is very important for those who love to indulge themselves in make-up. Some of the make-up products are extremely harmful under the sun, these will help you easily get it off and keep your skin hydrated. Facial wipes also come in handy when you are sweaty and need to quickly freshen up after tanning.

3. Lip Balm with SPF
We often tend to forget that our lips need protection from sun. We recommend you to always keep a Lip balm having SPF with you handy.

4. Water Bottle
Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! This is what our body keeps telling us during summers. Good hydration is what helps you keep your body healthy and fit; it is a must to carry in your bag everywhere with you a bottle of water. Drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday is the best way to poof away the dehydration.

5. Deodorant
Our body sweat during summers and can cause body odour, keep a nice fragrance on your body will help you beat it all!

6. Sunglasses
Our eyes need protection too. It is highly important that you choose sunglasses which protect the eyes against UV risks. And cherry on top, it gives a good fashion statement.

7. Rubber Hair Bands
For medium and long hair you need to have a hair tie so that it protects it from breaking. Also, open hair during summer can irritate you a lot. A quick tip is to tie a messy bun- it is so summer and so cool!

8. Hand Towel
Keep a mini towel handy. It keeps you dry and absorbs sweat. You know what we mean!

9. Yogurt
Just grab a small yogurt pack and keep it in your bag. Strange as it may appear- Yogurt is just so good during summer! It keep your body cool. Besides that, applying yogurt on sunburnt skin is a good remedy for curing it.

10. Bug Spray
This is more suitable actually for nights out, when bugs come in swarms. If you are allergic or sensitive to bugs, you should have this with you always!

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