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A tranquil vacation at Con Dao Islands

Off the southern coast of Vietnam is the Con Dao Islands, a clandestine paradise waiting to be discovered.

The outlying archipelago is comprised of 16 islands, all of them largely untouched and well-preserved. Take a respite from your busy life and find solace in these tropical islands, a world away from modernity.

The Six Senses Con Dao, the only 5-star beach resort in this archipelago, is located on the Dat Doc Beach, a private oasis of hospitality, a stark contrast to the once-upon-a-time concentration camp nearby. The serene location features a stunning backdrop of the Lo Voi mountains, a golden sandy beach and calm, clear waters.

The release of sea turtle hatchlings back to the ocean can be witnessed around April to September. The island’s natural beauty will draw you closer to nature with a national and marine park. Its lush forest makes for an excellent trekking adventure as well as island hopping, just make sure to bring a local guide lest you get lost.

Its marine life, with pristine coral reefs and abundant underwater sights, is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. The way the property blends in with the environment, being constructed of wood and bamboo, makes it truly one with nature.

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