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Walking into the land of the rising sun

Summer Nakasendo Way Kakizore gorge

Summer Nakasendo Way Kakizore gorge

The vision of cherry blossom trees soon faded in spring, but the subtle grace of Japan’s breath-taking archipelago shines best in summer. In Walk Japan, the true highlight of the season is an immersive experience of the East, with glorious strolls in some of the scenic places in the country.

From July to August, Summer Nakasendo Way paves the road to a lofty excursion, bringing guests to a sacred mountain route between Kyoto and Tokyo. The perfect way to discover the tranquillity of rural scenery, one can also behold the haunting castle of Matsumoto and the peaceful Kaida Plateau.

Summer Nakasendo Way post town

Walk Japan Inland Sea Odyssey Miyajima

Walk Japan Self guided Basho Tour – Japanese Garden

All year round, Walk Japan offers The Inland Sea Odyssey, a voyage into the Seto Inland Sea which surrounds the country’s four main islands. Follow the footsteps of Donald Richie, whose travel memoir painted a glorious portrait of Japan’s rich archipelago.

Walk Japan Self guided Basho Tour

Walk Japan Self-guided Basho Tour – Haguro San Pagoda

Walk Japan Self-guided Basho Tour

This restful excursion promises the delightful views of Japan’s glowing sunrises, blood- orange sunsets, and bright blue skies that beam over rural vistas, age-old temples and colourful landscapes that make the entire experience more worthwhile.

Other than these two grand trips, Walk Japan offers a rediscovery of its northernmost region in Hokkaido Hike, and the poetic journeys of Matsuo Basho in the Basho Tour: The Narrow Road to the North.

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