Wellness Bootcamp?

While wellness bootcamp might seem like an oxymoron, Lifehouse Spa & Hotel has designed a new 5-day program with the rigorous qualities of a bootcamp as well as the relaxing qualities of a spa. The main goals of the bootcamp are to working the body & de-stress the mind.

The 5-day itinerary is extremely well rounded and touches base on all things necessary to live holistic life:

– invigorating exercises

– muscle strengthening yoga sessions

– healthy eating menus

– pampering spa treatments

The pampering spa treatments are Lifehouse’s “pat on the back” after a rigorous work out session. In addition to the itinerary listed above, guests can choose to take part in group activities or sign-up for individual work out sessions. A holistic life, however, is not solely based on exercise, nutrition is an essential component. Lifehouse provides nutritional talks and teaches guests how to incorporate them into their daily lives.

Lifehouse prides itself on the being experts on the “art of wellbeing”. Resident Naturopath, Sue Davis ensured that at the end of the camp, “bootcampers leave feeling a sense of personal achievement.”

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