What I Learned from Wine Tasting at Marriott’s Harbour Lake

A wine tasting social took place at Marriott’s Harbour Lake this evening at 6 pm.


A wine tasting social took place at Marriott’s Harbour Lake this evening at 6 pm. Although I’m here alone, I decided to go solo. I figured that most people vacationing here are regular travelers; that’s why they’re part of a vacation club. I put on a dress, as well as a garbage bag over my head since I forgot my umbrella, and walked to the Den, which is where the social was being hosted. There were a total of 7 people, 5 wines, cheese and crackers, and endless travel conversation. It was an ideal blend. 

Our host, Emily, introduced each wine before we began tasting it. I liked knowing what to expect before bringing it to my lips. Sometimes she just explained what region it was from while other times she explained what flavors to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with a HandCraft Pinot Noir from California. The aftertaste had a chocolate linger that I wanted to savor.
Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake
Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake
The other glass that livened my taste buds was Brancott Estate, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Amazingly fresh, this wine combined bright, green grassy notes with lively grapefruit freshness and some generous peach and melon richness. It was the type of wine that can sneak up on you. With a fruity taste, a few glasses would go down smooth.

I chose wisely with seating. On one side of me was a couple that had collectively traveled to more than 150 countries. Our conversation flowed easily and with more wine came more conversation. On the other side of me was a couple who also enjoyed travel and took a genuine interest in my adventures. At no point did I feel awkward or uncomfortable, except maybe for my lack of wine knowledge.
Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake
Our young host provided the most inspirational conversation during the evening. In her early twenties, she is already well-read and well-traveled. Her knowledge of wine put me to shame and I envision her surpassing all of our travels combined. She has big dreams and direction. I’ve been noticing that more and more often lately and I love every second of it. The more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals, the more we are able to achieve.
Wine Tasting at Marriott's Harbour Lake
It was after 8 pm before we brought the tasting to a close. I felt like I spend the night with friends. When you have a passion for life and travel, it’s enough of a connection to provide hours of conversation. It’s nights like tonight that remind me why I travel.

I still know very little about wine but I learned that regardless of age or home town, a lust for travel brings out a beautiful passion and attitude about life in people. When I put myself out there and attend social events, even if they are outside my knowledge base, I’m always happy with the results. I like to get out there, learn about different people and cultures, and experience new things. Life is worth living.

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