World Hot Air Balloon Championship welcomed to Brazil

The sky bore a multi-colored spectacular look at Rio Claro, São Paulo, even as the city hosted the 21st World Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Latin America for the first time with some help and guidance from Embratur.

Rio Claro in Brazil has already witnessed some really important hot air balloon championships in the recent past such as the Brazil Cup, the Brazilian Championships, the South American Championship and the Ibero-American Championship

The world championship which was held from 20th July to 27th July, 2014 proved to be a huge success with more than 35,000 people passing through the Rio Claro Aero Club to watch the event live.

With 60 pilots / teams from 22 countries – Germany, Argentina, Austria, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, United States of America, Spain, France, Holland, England, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine – taking part in the competition – it proved to be a really thrilling and scintillating experience for all the spectators.

On 26th July, Saturday the races were brought to an end even as on 27th July, Sunday the championship came to an end at the Rio Claro Aero Club, with an exciting free entry closing ceremony including flights, an acrobatic program and a thoroughly enjoyable music show.

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