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Spending extra money to pamper yourself always gives a feel good factor.

Luxe Spa

Spending extra money to pamper yourself always gives a feel good factor.

Apart from that one should also feel the best treatments that are offered at the best spas in the world. The services at these different locations range from herb infused massages, dust facials and treatments of the scalp and much more. The following are the 10 most expensive spa treatments in the world that spas can offer for the good health and enjoyment.

1.Treatment: Evian Bath for $5,000

Spa: Spa V at Hotel Victor, South Beach

Not many of the treatments at Hotel Victor in South Beach come cheap, but the Evian bath is particularly pricey. The bath, consisting of 1,000 bottles of the French mineral water, is only available to guests of the $10,000 per night penthouse suite, and includes champagne, dessert, and an additional treatment of choice for two

2.Treatment: White Caviar Illuminating Facial for $1,000

Spa: La Prairie at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Dropping $1,000 to cover your face in fish eggs may seem excessive, but it’s a small price to pay for a glowing, youthful complexion. The 90-minute treatment at the La Prairie Spa at the Beverly Hills Hotel is actually a steal, however, considering you get to take home the products from the White Caviar Illuminating System, which are valued around $1,500.

3.Treatment: Balancing Diamond (or Emerald) Massage for $300

Spa: The Spa at Trump hotels

It’s not surprising that the top signature treatment at Trump hotels is the diamond (or emerald) massage — your pick. The treatment, which debuted at the Trump International Las Vegas and theTrump Chicago, starts at around $300, but only gets more expensive from there as special add-ons are included. The massage is said to balance your chakra with its gems, heal with its rare oils, and drain your bank account with its Trump-size price tag.

4.Treatment: Oriental Harmony Massage for $620

Spa: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental hotels

When you break down the price of a four-hand massage at any of the Mandarin Oriental spas, including the luxe Mandarin Las Vegas, it’s really only $155 per hand (it’s a coping mechanism but it helps us legitimize the indulgence). The massage features two masseurs giving guests a synchronized rubdown for a satisfying hour and 50 minutes. And if it’s not quite within your budget to take a trip to the Mandarin, the Encore Las Vegas offers its own two-therapist version for $560 (or $140 per hand). However, at just an hour and 20 minutes, it offers less bang for your buck than the Mandarin massage.

5.Treatment: 20-Hands Duo Massage for $4,000

Spa: Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea, A Waldfor-Astoria Resort, Maui

Though the Grand Wailea’s 20-hand couple’s massage started as a limited-time only, 20th anniversary treatment special, the hotel extended the treat by popular demand for your romantic indulgence at a whopping $2,000 per person. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity began back earlier in 2012, and starts with an hour of relaxation time, followed by a 100-finger frenzy of oils and phalanges. But for those who can’t quite muster the $4,000 treatment, the Maui resort has no shortage of extravagant offerings, including the Kokoleka Truffle Body Cocoon & Facial ($285 minimum), Volcanic Ash Cocoon ($230 minimum), and Diamond Facial ($325 minimum).


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