Bali Hosts First International Tango Competition In August

by | Jul 26, 2022

The first Indonesia Champion Preliminaries (ICP) tango competition takes place in Kuta, Bali from 4th to 7th August, featuring world-class tango dancing, workshops, practices and more.

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The first Indonesia Champion Preliminaries (ICP) tango competition will take place in Kuta, Bali from 4th to 7th August. The Tango festival will also offer world-class tango dancing workshops, practices with the World Tango Maestros and private classes for those wishing to deepen their understanding and knowledge of this fascinating dance.

Organisers are expecting tango lovers from all over the world to come and participate in what promises to be a truly memorable event in Bali. With its origins in the streets of Buenos Aires, the tango is a beautifully complex dance that requires skill, precision and passion. So whether you are a seasoned tango aficionado or simply someone who appreciates the art of dance, this competition is sure to be a fascinating spectacle.

The Gala dinner of the tango festival will feature a special presentation of traditional Balinese dance in collaboration with international tango dancers. This unique performance will showcase the diversity and richness of the cultures represented at the festival and will indeed highlight the event. The venue for the tango festival will be Hotel Kumala Pantai and Padma Resort Legian in Kuta, Bali.

The Indonesia Champion Preliminaries will showcase the elegant and sensual dance of the tango in all its forms. The official categories include Tango de Pista (Salon Tango) and Tango Escenario (Stage Tango), but there will also be an unofficial category for the Vals, Milonga, Senior and Jack & Jill.

Analia Morales and Gabriel Ponce, image by ICP

Analia Morales and Gabriel Ponce, image by ICP

The list of world-renowned tango maestros who will be gracing the judges’ panels at the upcoming tango competition is impressive. Analia Morales, Gabriel Ponce, Elina Roldan and Jorge Torres are some of the big names in attendance. Guest dancers include Fernando Carrasco, Lucia Barrios, Alejandro Quaglia, Gennysam Alcantara, Lily Tan, Jang and Jenn Lopez.

The ICP this year, presented by Ratih Soe Kosasie and Tiara Josodirdjo, will draw competitors from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. Ratih Soe Kosasie is a professional Indonesian tango dancer and serves as the Chairperson of Tango Lovers Jakarta, an organisation of tango aficionados that she founded in 2008.

This competition aims to find the best dancers in the region and to give them a chance to compete at the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires in September 2022. ◼

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