Untamed Elegance of North Iceland: The 8 Unmissable Sights

by | Jun 1, 2023

Explore the raw beauty of North Iceland: mystic Arctic henge, powerful waterfalls, geothermal baths, and the eternal daylight of midsummer.

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Celestial Symphony in the Arctic: An Exclusive Journey Through North Iceland’s Majestic Wonders. There’s an arresting allure to the Arctic North, a beckoning call to luxury travellers searching for the unexplored, the untouched, the transcendent. North Iceland, a region often eclipsed by its southern counterpart, beckons with an exceptional array of attractions. Its mystical allure peaks in the summer and autumn months of 2023, when the rugged landscapes morph into panoramas of ethereal beauty, embracing the midsummer phenomenon when the sun graces the sky for a full 24 hours, transforming every vista into a world bathed in endless light.

Akureyri: The Beating Heart of the North

Nestled deep within the cradle of Eyjafjorour Fjord lies Akureyri, the bustling capital of North Iceland. Deemed as the vibrant heart of the Arctic North, Akureyri is a captivating confluence of natural beauty and cultural vibrancy, a bustling hub where tradition meets modernity and where the northern lights dance above the cityscape.

Dettifoss: The Roaring Power of the Arctic

A visit to North Iceland would be incomplete without the thundering spectacle of Dettifoss, one of Europe’s mightiest waterfalls. With a remarkable width of 100 meters and a drop of 45 meters, this awe-inspiring force of nature is a testament to the raw, untamed beauty of Iceland’s wilderness.

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Asbyrgi: Echoes of Ancient Legends

In the realm of Vatnajokull National Park lies the Asbyrgi Canyon, a dramatic horseshoe-shaped depression etched into the landscape by the hand of ancient glaciers. This geological wonder, steeped in Viking legends and folklore, promises an immersive, otherworldly experience amidst its towering cliffs and verdant flora.

The Arctic Henge: Gateway to Norse Mythology

Journey to Raufarhofn, one of the northernmost villages strung along the Arctic Coast Way, and discover the Arctic Henge. This mystical edifice, steeped in Norse mythology, serves as a symbolic portal into the ancient world of the gods, a testament to Iceland’s rich cultural tapestry and a truly enigmatic landmark.

Hvitserkur: A Sculpture Carved by Nature

Hvitserkur, a monolithic sea stack rising from the ocean, presents a sight to behold. This distinctive geological marvel, carved by relentless waves and Arctic winds, stands as a testament to nature’s artistic prowess, evoking awe and wonder in equal measure.

Kalfshamarsvik: A Cove of Singular Splendor

Lying within the secluded reaches of northern Skagi is Kalfshamarsvik, a hidden gem graced with unique basalt sea cliffs. These natural sculptures, forged by volcanic forces, create an entrancing vista that etches itself indelibly into the memory of every privileged observer.

Kolugljufur: The Whispering Canyons

Find a transcendent connection with nature at Kolugljufur Canyon, a serene spot adorned with a necklace of cascading waterfalls. From the viewing platform, one can appreciate the breathtaking spectacle, a scene that takes on a new dimension of beauty with each passing season.

Geothermal Baths: Indulgence in Iceland’s Natural Spas

North Iceland is renowned for its abundant geothermal baths dispersed across its untamed landscapes. From beer baths and warm seawater pools to secluded springs nestled within forests and lava fields, these natural spas offer a unique wellness experience, combining relaxation and rejuvenation with the splendid scenery of Iceland’s Arctic North.


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From its charming villages and mythical landmarks to the raw power of nature etched into every corner, North Iceland emerges as a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. A journey into this region is not merely an exploration of its magnificent landscapes, but an immersion into a world that blends tranquillity with adventure, culture with wilderness, and luxury with the primal. As you voyage into the Arctic North, let the rhythm of Iceland’s heartbeats guide you to a realm that defies the ordinary and invites the extraordinary. ◼

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