Vita Mojo: the ultimate in customising fast-healthy meals

by | Mar 17, 2018


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To the most discerning consumers of healthy meals, Vita Mojo is a paradise. The restaurant is gaining international attention for offering the most personalised meal you can ever have.

Vita Mojo's customised meals

Vita Mojo’s customised meals

“We give customers the freedom to eat how they want to without having to compromise. Allergic to certain ingredients? Like to eat six small meals a day? Trying to eat specific macros? No matter the eating habits, they can be catered for in a simple, efficient, and healthy way,” said co-founder Nick Popovici.

Vita Mojo’s third restaurant and training facility opens at 46 Gresham Street in London this month. Using the company’s mobile app, website, or iPad kiosks in the restaurants, diners can create their meals by choosing from around 30 ingredients based on their height, weight, diet, and fitness goals. They can also manage the number of calories, carbs, and proteins in their dishes. Vita Mojo uses fresh produce and shies away from preservatives, sugar, and gluten. Choosing your meal has never been so detailed.
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