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World Spa Song Saa Island

Song Saa Sweetheart Island Resort | Travel Guide – World Travel Magazine

Cambodia seeps with rich history, spectacular architectural delights and natural beauty a cynosure to all eyes. In the recent past the place has witnessed a luxury revolution, which is a…

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Shea Butter

Safe & Natural Remedies to Prevent Stretch Marks

Prevent and Fade Stretch Marks Quickly & Naturally Stretch marks are a common skin problem for a wide degree of both men and women around the world.Any sudden gain or loss in weight...

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Magical Eggs

Magical Egg Mask | Beauty Skin Care – World Travel Magazine

One of the most primitive natural beauty products known to mankind is an egg. It is rumored that Cleopatra used to use egg white as a face mask. Homemade Egg…

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Rice remedy

Priceless Beauty | Beauty Skin Care – World Travel Magazine

Rice pudding, rice cake, fried rice,  Arroz valenciana and more! Are you getting hungry? Actually, I am not going to talk about food in this matter. Rice is more than…

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Work Out

Workouts, Gear and Inspiration for Living Fit

Imagine increasing your spiritual awareness while reducing your waistline. A recent study (funded by the National Centre Institute ) found that practicing yoga may help you do just this. The…

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5 Fabulous Wellness Getaways

A Fine Balance: Perspectives on busy life. Set at the Chipeta Sun Lodge and Spa in Ridgway, this fitness retreat will encourage you to re-evaluate the personal patterns that create…

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blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon – The Unique Experience

The famous geothermal spa in Iceland, Blue Lagoon’s ecosystem is unique in the world, in fact one of Mother Nature’s laboratories, connecting us with the forces of nature. Through nature…

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Yoga Breathing

Yoga Breathing | Yoga for Soul

Yoga breathing begins with the breath or prana, which means life-force in Sanskrit. Pranayama is the process by which we learn to control the breath. Breathing is, hands down, the…

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benefits of yoga

Yoga – The Answer | Yoga for Soul

"Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside" - Albert Schweitzer. Yoga the Cure is dedicated to bringing you the health benefits of Yoga. And the health benefits of…

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Featured Spa The First Residence Cairo

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo – The First Residence

A gracious sanctuary of Four Seasons hospitality and service, with impressive views of the Great Pyramids over the old-growth canopy of Cairo’s ancient Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The Hotel is…

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