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Soaking up the view at Yant Flat, Utah, by Megan Snedden

On the road through the American Southwest

Fiery red-stone cliffs, dramatic valleys, canyon lands that stretch as far as the eye can see: driving the American Southwest is an adventure straight off the Hollywood movie screen. Discover…

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Slow Food; Cuban Farm-to-table adventure

10 Trending AirBnB food tours

For those who missed it, the B in AirBnB stands for Breakfast. Or Buffet. Or a Brilliant Feast Nowhere to be Seen Anywhere In the World But Here. Getting access…

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Cable car all the way to the top

Schilthorn – The Thrilling World of James Bond

Schilthorn provided the backdrop to James Bond’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Fifty years later fans can channel their inner secret agent at this mountain top shrine to all things…

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Explorer Dream aerial view

Pioneering passages to Australia & New Zealand on Explorer Dream

Let your journey begin, be sure to pack your curiosity. Exploration requires you to leave everything you know behind and have the courage to discover and experience a total transformation.…

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REEFSUITES by Cruise Whitsundays

Sleeping amongst the cradle of corals in Australia

From the surface, everything looks the same: a bright blue mass with some shades of green, spread across a 2000- kilometre coastline that occupies a landmass bigger than the UK.…

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Maasai tribe

Richard Branson and the royal lair of lions

If there was ever a stage set for the Disney classic Lion King, it is here, in Maasai Mara, a national reserve sheltered in southwest Kenya, a magnificent topography of…

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Enjoying the Swiss summer while hiking from the Wispile to Lauenensee

Want to Get to Know Switzerland? Do it on Foot

In the footsteps of Mark Twain, one of the world’s best known authors, I trudge up a mountain called Rigi in Switzerland. Immerse oneself in nature’s cradle with hikes along…

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Glacier Express at Trun. The slowest express train in the world

Travelling in style along Switzerland’s scenic railways

Few countries in the world are as scenic as Switzerland, where majestic mountains, verdant valleys, flowing rivers, and frozen glaciers are only some of the natural features to be seen…

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Only the brave dare this thrilling bungee feat (Ascona-Locarno Tourism - foto Alessio Pizzicannella)

Bungee like Bond, if you dare

Channel your inner James Bond with a kick! Let Goldeneye be your inspiration as you bungee jump from the Contra Tenero Dam in Ticino, just like 007 in the movie.…

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Snorkeling at Turquoise Bay - Ningaloo Reef by David Kirkland , Coral Coast Tourism

Ningaloo Reef – exotic & unique paradise

It will not be an exaggeration to state that the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is one of the last ocean paradises: a serene habitat untouched by advancing modernity. A…

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