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MAS impressive building re ected in the port water surrounding it by Vincent Sung

Antwerp – Trendiest City

When Southeast Asians travel to Europe individually or in groups, they often include in a brief one-day visit to Bruges and Brussels or skip Belgium altogether. Fashion, Design & Culture,…

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Ohla's royal rooftop pool

Stylish Stays in Barcelona

What a joy to experience the fantastic in Barcelona. These hotels give you luxurious amenities in dramatic, sensual Spanish settings infused with the independent spirit that is Catalonia. Sensual Spanish…

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The grand houses of Provence with lush gardens

Cruising down Rhône with Provence’s wine

Ever since the publication in 1989 of Peter Mayle’s runaway bestseller A Year in Provence, this southernmost region of France A week in Provence's vineyards, cruising along the river-ways in…

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Japanese bridge and willows which featured in many of Monet's paintings

Normandy – Cradle of Impressionism

Follow the footsteps of Impressionism's great Masters I have often driven through Normandy and admired the landscape and rural architecture and promised myself I would explore the region in more…

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Sunset over the Old Town of Bonifacio, South Coast of Corsica Island (by John Walker)

Corsica’s isolated, ramshackle charm

Explore France's Bonifacio & Porto-Vecchio in Corsica You only need to look at a map to understand how difficult it is to reach Corsica, but even that doesn’t truly get…

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A quiet street with restaurants in the bohemian Marais district of Paris (by Alexandre Rotenberg)

Raymond Blanc’s Paris

As foodie trips go, this takes some beating. I’m walking around Paris with top French Chef Raymond Blanc Favourite places in Paris to shop, eat and down a glass or…

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View from Hotel Eden

Do as the Romans do in the Eternal City

Hotel Eden, Rome When in Rome, stay in the Hotel Eden. Most Romans would do the same given a chance. Recently renovated, not just refurbished, where once there were 121…

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Ibiza: Hotter than the Sun

Ibiza: Hotter than the sun

Ibiza's SMARTEST stays, TOP tables, MOST BEAUTIFUL beaches, CHICEST shopping & WILDEST nights! From high-end hideaways to bohemian beach bars, the magic of Ibiza runs deep. This year sees the…

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Luxury Shopping Experts @ Paris

Luxury Shopping Experts @ Paris

Unique shopping experience that takes you to the best places in Paris Vendôme, Saint-Honoré, Champs-Elysée Founded in 1936, Maison Michel is an expert and large craftsman of the hat and…

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Fontana Couture

Luxury Shopping Experts @ Milan

Milan, the fashion capital of the world. Luxury spots for the quintessential Made in Italy. An expert insight into Made in Italy quality shopping and luxury spots to visit while…

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