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Supanniga Eating House

Bangkok, the land of smiles and Asian hotspot with heart

Bangkok continues its meteoric rise as one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. Running the gamut from sleek sleeps to fine and foodie dining venues, craft mixology bars, and haute fashion…

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Grasshopper Mekong Bicycle Tour locals

Discovering Saigon, the elegant lady of Indochina

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), formerly named Saigon until 1976, is a racier younger lady. A very elegant one, located some 1,100 kilometres away from her ‘husband’. If cities had…

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Dome roofs replicating the shape of the island

Paradise found in Anambas Archipelago

To escape, to truly get away, is an elusive pleasure. But that’s exactly what you’ll do at Bawah, a new resort in Indonesia’s Anambas archipelago, about 270 kilometres northeast of…

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Hong Kong always evolving always interesting

Thanks to its vibrant pace, there are always elements of new or fabulous to experience and discover in Hong Kong. At the moment this includes hidden intrigue, progressive culinary talents,…

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Bayon Temple by Pushish Images

Cambodia’s tourism gems

In a matter of two decades, Cambodia has transformed from a country divided by civil unrest to one well on the way to becoming an Asian powerhouse. Siem Reap &…

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Coming home to Bangkok – timeless promise of luxury

We didn’t expect that the COO of the brand that renovated a former Northern headquarters of the East Borneo Trading Company once played golf with Bob Hope 137 Pillars Hotel…

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On missing Hanoi

Hanoi offers a rare opportunity to witness old-world charm as it morphs with the future. The bare elements for sustenance—from the nomadic fruit seller to the street cart vendors—remain in…

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Khao Yai Thailand’s coolest resort

Khao Yai National Park and the surrounding district, two hour’s drive northeast of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport is a destination that the Thai appear to want to keep all to…

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Boranup Karee Forest, David Steele

Margaret River, wine, food and adventures in nature

Western Australia has great appeal as it’s less than a six-hour flight from Singapore and its Mediterranean climate is most inviting. Drive three hours south of Perth to the Margaret…

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Siem Reap, temple town

There are few historic sites in South East Asia that beg to be explored as much as Angkor in Cambodia. Often referred to as Angkor Wat, the actual site encompasses…

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