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Doug Ulman, Chief of LIVESTRONG Foundation tells Lidia Medina about his love for travel


Doug Ulman, Chief of LIVESTRONG Foundation tells Lidia Medina about his love for travel

You are…

I am a three-time cancer survivor and president and CEO of the LIVESTRONG Foundation — an organization known for leading an ongoing dialogue with cancer patients and survivors, providing free cancer support services and advocating for policies that improve access to care and quality of life.

Where did your passion for travel come from?

I love to learn and in my experience travel is the absolute best way to absorb different cultures, people and geography.

What role does travel play in your daily life?

As CEO of one of the U.S.’s top non-profits, I have been fortunate to travel widely to work with partners in improving the lives of the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide. Our mission has taken us to places like Ireland, Switzerland, Jordan, South Africa, Italy, Mexico and all over the U.S. I am on the road at least one week a month, so I am constantly preparing myself for the next trip or catching up from being on the road.

What lessons have you learned while traveling? How did you incorporate these lessons in your daily life?

Travel has taught me a lot. It is humbling in many ways. I have learned to exercise patience when traveling and I have also learned to be more adventurous. I am a planner by nature, and while I can plan trips in much detail, you have to adapt and change with circumstances that are often out of your control. Flexibility is key when traveling and in day-to-day life and business.

What is your absolute favorite travel destination?

I love the ocean, so high on my list are destinations with wonderful beaches.

What’s your personal process for planning out vacations?

Typically I would think about the desired outcome of the trip. Relaxation? Education? Sightseeing? Family trip? Short getaway? And once that is decided, I would consider the options that best fit with the goals. Typically I try to find destinations that are accessible and fit an active lifestyle.

In your opinion, what is the benefit in travel?

Learning about new cultures and a way of life that we are not used to in this country, widening the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s global network and a chance to try new things, whether it’s a language, food or even a new way of thinking.

In your opinion, which hotel or resort stands out from the rest?

This is difficult as I have been so fortunate to stay in some wonderful places. Canyon Ranch has been a great partner of ours and visiting them is always special, as we have the chance to work and also focus on our health and well being.

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